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Latest Product Recalls

Latest product recalls up to 14th March 2016

Sunflower LED Light

Recall Date: 4th March 2016

Description: Clear plastic LED ligh

Risk: There is a risk of electric shock due to indequate design and construction

Action: Stop using the product immediately. The manufaturer has not realised any further information.

Amazon Fire table power adaptors

Recall Date: 1st March 2016

Description: Amazon fire table model FABK7B. This is for the power adaptor only. 3-pin UK power adaptor supplied with UK Fire 7" and UK Fire Kids Edition 7" tables sold from September 2015 to present.

Risk: There is a risk of electric shock. When pulled from the socket the adaptor may detach exposing live parts.

Action: Amazon is offering two options for replacing the adaptor. A free replacement or a £12 credit to an Amazon account for purchasing the adaptors of the customers choice. Visit

Toshiba Notebook Battery

Recall Date: 28th January 2016

Description: Battery packs used within certain notebook computers shipped between June 2011 and November 2015.

Risk: In isolatedcases, potentially affected battery packs might overheat and could cause a potential burn or fire hazard.

Action: Vist the following link to see if your battery is affected.

Wolseley brand 2kW fan heaters

Recall Date: 11th March 2016

Description: Fan heaters sold since January 2014 Model FH-06A Product Code 105161

Risk: the plug or fuse may overheat possibly presenting a fire hazard

Action: Contact Wolseley for next steps via 0800 722 557 for more information visit

Filament tube bulb

Recall Date: 11th March 2016

Description: Calex 60W ES filament tube bulb in gold sold by John Lewis. Stock number 703 15001

Action: Contact John Lewis on 03456049049 for more information or return to nearest John Lewis store for a refund.

Mini Party LED Light

Recall Date: 4th March 2016

Description: LED edison screw lamp with revolving reflector by Rainbow Walker.

Risk: electric shock due to poor design and construction

Action: stop using product immediately. Manufacturer has not provided any further details.

Information supplied by Electrical Safety First for more information on past product recalls visit:

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