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Durham Electrics offers the following  services in relation to emergency lighting


  • Initial installation

  • Testing and Inspection (monthly and annual)

    • Daily checks - visual check that lights are operating. 

    • Monthly short duration testing (not exceeding 10 minutes) should be done by the responsible person. 

    • Annual full discharge testing or commonly known as 3-hour discharge should be carried out by a qualified and competent person / contractor.  Durham Electrics recommends completing these tests on a weekend when the building is not to be re-occupied before the lighting system is fully recharged (i.e. 24 hours).

  • Maintenance

    • As an energy saving specialist we will advise, where required, to upgrade existing fittings to LED.  Upgrading provides more longevity of your investment.  LEDs provide a better quality of light lasting many many more hours than standard bulbs.  LED emergency fittings are less likely to fail a 3-hour test.

    • Durham Electrics offers electrical maintenance contracts to help spread the cost of servicing your system.  Prior to any new contract Durham Electrics carries out an assessment of your premises against the current standard.  We will cross reference our findings with your fire risk assessment and provide details of a service maintenance plan (including where required repairs and/or upgrades). 


Landlords / HMOs

It is also vital that landlords to HMOs fully understand their legal obligation to emergency lighting, installation, testing and maintenance.  If in doubt speak with one of our electricians who can provide suitable and sufficient advise.


Emergency Lighting Testing Training

Daily and monthly emergency lighting testing can be done in-house with the assistance of some input from a qualified electrician.  Durham Electrics offers training and guidance to small business owners, B&Bs and landlords. Training is conducted at your premises after a quick walk round is completed.  Contact us today to speak to us about this training session.

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