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Over time electrical wiring will deteriote and require complete replacment. If a property is aged 25-30 years it is likely that it will need rewiring. 

Times when you should consider full or partial rewiring of your property:

  • Age of your property (generally buildings 25 years and over)

  • Major remodelling work (kitchen, bathrooms)

  • Extending your home or converting an attic or garage

  • After substantial damage e.g. flood, fire

  • Electrical inspection report has come back with C1's & C2's

There are several options available when planning a rewire including the finish quality you are looking for. Durham Electrics will work with you to discuss suitable options that match your style and requirement. This includes upgrades to USB sockets throughout and smart technology to operate sockets and switches on your smart phone.  Durham Electrics is an approved installer for Lightwave RF products as well as AICO Smoke, Heat and CO detectors. 

Rewires involve a two stage process.


The first fix stage involves the removal and installation of new back boxes for all sockets and switches. This stage should be undertaken before any plastering work and preferably at the same time as any central heating and plumbing work. New cabling cannot be surface mounted so the process involves the lifting of floor coverings (floorboards and sometimes skirting boards). Channels may need to be made in walls, ceilings and joists to correctly install cabling. As you can see full rewires are very intrusive and cause significant disruption. We always recommend you are not living in the property at the same time as a rewire due to the potential dangers and dust generated.

During the first fix stage new circuits can be added such as adding new outdoor lighting, smoke detectors, alarms, networking etc. Durham Electrics will discuss all options with you to determine how you want to have your lighting circuits (and what type of light fittings). 

The second fix stage is when all the electrical accessories (sockets and switches) are installed including any new lighting. This stage also includes electrical testing and inspection prior to commissioning the works. 

Durham Electrics offers a complete design, supply and fit service on both full and partial rewires. This provides comfort in knowing that the products installed meet our high standards. By allowing us to supply and fit we can alert you to any potential product recalls whereas installation of customer supplied products limits any warranties. 

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