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We know how frustrating it is to have an electrical breakdown that is why we know how important it is that you have access to a local electrician.


Fixed Price Repairs 

We offer a fixed price for repairing / replacement of common accessories around the home. This is for non-emergency repairs and is at a cost of £65 (inclusive of VAT). This offer is only available to customer residing in postcodes within a 15 mile radius of DH1.

Common Accessories include:

  •  Sockets

  •  Light Switches

  •  Light Fittings

  •  Cooker switches

  •  Shower switches

  •  Low voltage lighting transformers


Additional items can be repaired / replaced for £10.00 per item. This rate is only available whilst the electrician is on site. Accessories will be replaced in a white finish. Where a different finish is required such as chrome you will be advised of the price difference. You should be aware that some alternative finishes will need to be booked in advance to allow sufficient delivery times for your goods.


Book online today to arrange for one of our electricians to come out and do your repairs.



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