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There are some circumstances when visual surveys do not provide the best value for money. There are also circumstances where the client cannot afford the time for full intrusive electrical condition reports.  Durham Electrics is able to offer a solution to this problem through electrical thermal imaging surveys.


What are Electrical Thermal Imaging Surveys

Electrical thermal image surveys provide a practical solution to improving wasted visual surveys in server rooms. The thermal imaging camera is used to identify any hot spots. These hot spots can indicate an electrical fault that requires further investigation by a competent electrician.


Combining Thermal Surveys and Pat Testing

Durham Electrics will complete pat testing on all relevant items of equipment.  Equipment that cannot be unplugged (for example in server rooms) will be surveyed with the thermal imaging camera.


Combining Thermal Surveys and ECIRs (5-yearly electrical test)

Durham Electrics will conduct a full building electrical survey utilizing the thermal imaging camera.  Hot spots will be investigated further to identify what if any issues are likely to be present.  Immediate repairs can be completed on site at the same time of the survey however, this will incur additional charges which will be discussed prior to any works been conducted.  Where a danger hot spot and subsequent investigation has been conducted the client will be notified immediately and the danger will be isolated / made safe.

Thermal Survey Reports

Durham Electrics will provide an electronic report identifying the outcome of the survey.  Areas requiring further investigation will be identified on the report with recommendations for further electrical testing and inspection.


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