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LED & Energy efficient lighting


When you hear energy efficient lighting you automatically think energy saving light bulbs. Although these are still good they are now dated and also pose environmental hazards at the end of their life.  Durham Electrics will always advice on the best technology available which at present is LEDs.


LED technology has improved ten fold over the last decade.  We now have access to LED fittings that where thought not possible even 12 months ago.  


Durham Electrics will advise you what (if any) light fittings can be modified with LED technology and provide you with a cost saving model.  Where light fittings are not compatible you will be advised of a suitable alternative.


Durham Electrics has saved companies hundreds if not thousands of pounds off their energy bills and maintenance costs over the years. We are happy to provide free assessments on your existing lighting system.




Cost saving example 


Based on the following criteria:

kWh £0.09

Lights are on for 8 hours per day 250 days of the year


20 Installations

Exisiting: 600x600 panels with x4 18Watt T8 CFL tubes; £30.00 each plus £1.99 per bulb  (£600)

Proposed LED: LED panel with x1 10Watt fitting; £45.00 each  (£900)


Annual Spend

Current Lamps

£1.27 per day  

£316.80 per year

plus estimated annual spend on replacement bulbs £127.36


LED Panel

£0.18 per day  

£44.00 per year


Saving a total £444.16 per year  (£272.80 just on energy)



If the company invested in LED they would have a payback period of 2.25 years. This is based purley on overall saving costs and does not take into consideration cash flow.

Annual CO2e CFL lamp versus LED
Annual kWh usage CFL lamp versus LED
Total spend cfl lamps versus LED

Lets take a look at general comparison.


The chart to the left shows the comparisons between a incandescent light bulb, halogen lamp, Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) and an LED bulb. The comparison is based on the LED having a lifespan of 50,000 hours (20 years).


For every one LED you would expect to replace your Halogen lamp approximately 14 times. 

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