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Latest Product Recalls

We are committed to providing you with the latest product recall information available. Please find below products recalled since our last notification 8th December 2015.

Misuta Self-Balancing Scooter (Model Number Misuta GT Charger: HK-42-2000)

Recall Date 11th December 2015

Description: Self-balancing two-wheel scooter (also known as a hover board or swegway) packaged in a white cardboard box. Scooter comes supplied with a main supply charger and cord with a non-compliant three pin plug.

Risk of fire due to inadequate design.

Stop using this product with immediate effect and disconnect from power.

EE Power Bars (Model Number ALL MODELS)

Recall Date: 2nd December 2015 updated 16th December 2015

Description: The previous recall has been updated for all models. Power bars distributed by EE to EE customers for free from EE shops. Tuquoise body with yellow top and yellow USB to Micro USB cable.

Risk: of fire as the product may overheat.

Stop using the Power Bar immedieately and return to your nearest EE store, where it may be exchanged for a £20 voucher - please see wt.mc_id=SMS_EE_E_powerbar_Dec for more details or contact EE by phone on 0800 790 305

Hoverboards (sold multiple retailers)

Recall Date: 24th December 2015

Model Number: Hoverboards sold at:

John Lewis

Selfy Stick Air Runner (white & black) 893 91901 & 893 91902

Menkind and Red5

Flywheels in black, white and red.

Codes 51974, 51976,51977 SmartGlider in "cool white", "Dazzling red" and "jet black"

Codes: 51979, 51980, 51978


Nevaboard - catalogue code: 455/7669


iCandy airboard glider - all models

Description: Hoverboards sold by a number of retailers:



John Lewis




If you have bought a hoverboard from any of the above retailers it is strongly advised that you contact them to determine whether your product is the subject of a recall action.

Risk: of fire and explosion due to poor design and construction.

If you have one of the affected products stop using it immediately and return to the retailer.


Tesco - icandy helpline: 01543 495 243

Argos: 0345 600 5388

Red5: 0333 577 7334

Menkind: 0344 567 0710

John Lewis: 03456 049 049

Universal Travel Adaptor (Model: 07B)

Recall Date: 25th December 2015

Description: White plastic universal travel adaptor with dual USB outputs and plug sockets for various countries including the UK. Plug pins are selectable via a slider on the product - see image for further details.

Product comes packaged in a cardboard box with a photo of the product on it.

Risk: of electric shock due to inadequate design.

Bosch PSS Series Sanders

Recall Date: 6th January 2015

Description: SS series sanders sold between June and August 2007, model numbers:

  • PSS 2 A

  • PSS 20 A

  • PSS 190 AC

  • PSS 200 A

  • PSS 200 AC

  • PSS 250 A

  • PSS 250 AE

  • Serial numbers in range: 786xxxxxx - 788xxxxxx

Green and black Bosch PSS series sanders

Risk: of mechanical failure resulting in injury and electric shock.

If you believe you have an affected model stop using it immediately and remove from the mains.

Please visit:

For further details


to check your model.

If you have an affected model Bosch will arrange a product exchange.

Contact Bosch on their free helpline on 00800 83 646 704 if you have any queries

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