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September Product Recalls

Latest product recalls up to 18th September 2016

Coca Cola Powerbanks Sold by Halfords and The Range

Recall Date: 9th August 2016

Description: Powerbanks in the shape of "Coca Cola" cans, with 2200 Mah and 7200 Mah ratings. Sold at Halfords and The Range stores.



Risk: Unspecified safety issue.

Action: If you have an affected product return to your nearest Halfords / The Range store for a refund. For any queries contact

Halfords 0345 504 5353 or

The Range 0345 026 7598 or

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Recall Date: 2nd September 2016

Description: All Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smart phones, 5.7 inch, supplied with charger and stylus. Packaged in a cardboard box.Whilst not officially released in Europe pre-orders have been delivered before the product issue was identified. Devices supplied during this pre-order process are affected. The batteries concerned were manufactured up to 2 September 2016. Model number: SM-N930F

Risk: There is a risk of fire from battery pack. The battery cell may overheat due to an internal short circuit occurring as a result of thin separator and misaligned negative electrode.

Action: UK customers who have Galaxy Note7 devices will be contacted by the provider or operator from which they purchased the product in order to arrange their device exchange. The exchange of units will begin from 19 September 2016"Samsung UK customer services team: 03307 7261000

Information supplied by Electrical Safety First for more information on past product recalls visit:

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