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Important New Landlord Electrical Safety Legislation Update – 2015

This is an important update for private landlords in England regarding smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. From 1st October 2015 new legislation was introduced which affects all private landlords. It should be noted these changes affect landlords in England only.

Landlords must:
  • Install smoke alarms on every storey of the property

  • Install a Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm in every room containing a solid fuel burning appliance

  • Test alarms to ensure they are working prior to the start of each tenancy

Penalties of up to £5,000 will occur for those that flaunt the rule. Unlike some items of legislation there is no grace period. The regulations apply with immediate effect. Make sure that you do not get caught out.

Durham Electrics have been working with local landlords and landlord agents for a great number of years. We keep up to date with supplier technology and only recommend the best products on the market at the time of consultation. As an AICO expert installer we have access to installer training for new products which keeps us up to date with technology. This allows us to install the best on the market and help you meet your obligations under BS EN 50292:2013.

To find out more information why not download the landlords guide to smoke and carbon monoxide alarms here
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